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RaceDepartment take the new Project CARS 2 game for a spin and share our experiences.

Now I have to say something in advance of writing this review, I want Project CARS 2 to be good. I really, really do. Sim racing is my passion, and to have another big player on the scene vying for my game time is a very exciting prospect, and something which I found myself getting increasingly excited about on the run up to release last month.

Frankly I was sceptical after being bitterly disappointed by the original Project CARS game, so it came as something of a surprise when I gradually found myself being reeled in by the relentless marketing push for the new title throughout the build up to a public release, especially all the noise the developers were making about how the game would push the boundaries of realism and "redefine the genre of sim racing". These are all things that grab my attention, massively.

On face value many of the boxes one would like to see ticked prior to getting out on track have a resounding big fat happy smiley face next to them - loads of cars? Check. Loads of tracks? Check. VR support? Check. Dynamic weather and time of day? Check. These things are all good. These things give the game a massive leg up over the competition before a wheel has even been turned. Unfortunately turning said wheel is when things start to go a little bit wrong for Project CARS 2, and that is where the disappointment and frustration start to creep in to the experience, massively.

Project CARS 2 Review 2.jpg

Now I'm no technical expert but I've been around a while, and mixing together my own experiences and using the help of our community and my good friend Mr. Google, after literally hours of tinkering and a download of the epic Jack Spade tweaker file later I managed to get a pretty decent setup going through my wheel (Fanatec CSW V2). This is a massive improvement over the original title, however you still have to work to damn hard to get under the skin of the game to find something half reasonable in the force feedback, which frankly is a shame and unnecessary. Why after all the discussion and criticism from the community levelled at the developers following the original PCARS release do we still have to download a community made file to get the FFB half decent is beyond me, and something that SMS should really consider as a bit of an own goal once all the initial fuss has died down following game release.

Now don't get me wrong, I still don't think I'm fully in the sweet spot for the force feedback despite my trials and tribulations getting things setup, and the rear of the car still feels too vague for me to confidently begin to push past the outer edge of performance, but in comparison to the original release the overall experience is much better and doesn't kill off the game before it even starts. Not at the level of the other sim racing titles out on the market today, but definitely a decent base from which to build upon.

Project CARS 2 Review 5.jpg

So lets break down our impressions into a few key areas of the title:

UI - Vastly improved over the cluster of mess that was Project CARS. Looks neat, professional and functional. I find flicking through to the different menus easy and straight forward, but still keeping that stylish Project CARS feel and vibe. For me this is one of the most impressive improvements over the original game, and possibly the best UI of any of the sim racing titles currently available. Nice background music too and the bits of Ben Collins speaking about Senna are a nice touch, although these could maybe get a bit tiresome after a few hours of continual play.

Weather - Visually very impressive and aquaplaning is a thoroughly enjoyable extra dimension. Perhaps more grip than I would expect as my track experiences suggest more throttle steer and better modulation of the loud pedal out of corners would be needed than is currently simulated, however overall despite the limitations in some areas weather in PC2 is an area where the game stands out above its rivals. Some gripes I do have with it are when you get to the randomisation element of this feature, as basically selecting random weather means over 90% of the time you can expect some level of wetness, which is a shame as I would have liked to see more variety in the mix, such as dry running for a number of sessions then maybe a shower at the end of the race or something. Having tested almost 20 race weekends with random weather, I've had rain or snow during at least one session on every occasion...

Project CARS 2 Review.jpg

Speaking of snow, lets be honest now, this is a gimmick and one that any serious sim racer will rarely use in a race setting. Strangely this cannot be removed from the weather randomiser, so you could get seriously annoyed when it pops up in a race weekend and spoils all the fun. This really does need to be addressed, as who wants to race GT3's at Brands Hatch in the snow anyway?

AI - A total and utter disaster. Period. How in the name of all that is sacred did this get past QA I will never know. The AI is simply awful. First corner crashes, no awareness and ridiculously slow wet driving are all regular occurrences that continually pop up to hurt the soul. One evening I endeavoured to do a race weekend at the Nurburgring in a Lamborghini GT3, a car and track combination I hadn't yet tried. At 105% difficulty with a default setup and no fuel removed I finished my 15 minute practice in P23, 1.6 seconds off the pace. This was good, I had some more pace to give in the limited time I had on track, but that is exactly where I wanted to be and I was a happy boy. Maybe another 3 tenths could've been won if I didn't keep crossing up in the chicane, but that was fine. Come my 10 minute qualifying and hey, random weather so time for rain. Ran two laps, put it on pole by 1.6 seconds. Parked it, remained on pole. Hmm.

Race day comes around and the rain has progressed to a thunderstorm (random weather rain strikes again). Get a good launch off the rolling start and by lap 3 I have 45 seconds of lead, without even pushing the car at all. ESC and back to menu. Little grey X button in the top right hand corner, shut down PC, walk away and mash a cup of tea. Not impressed. Sadly this is the case every time some rain falls, and let us be honest, I'm no Michael Schumacher in the rain. Something is wrong, very wrong indeed.

Project CARS 2 Review 5.jpg

Car selection - Excellent. Some really nice cars and a lovely mix of the old and new are included, giving pretty much everyone the opportunity to have a go in something they might enjoy. All the big brands are present, so Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes or whatever takes your fancy can be fired up and raced around the many tracks in the game. A nice nod towards official series such as IndyCar are also welcomed, however the lack of real drivers despite the series licence and liveries grinds a bit, and kinda spoils it for me. Regardless of that little bugbear, you can't really fault the choice of cars in game, and all seem to be of solid quality and look wonderful from inside the cockpit using VR. Very happy.

Tracks - Again plenty to choose from, however for me the quality varies massively between different circuit selections. Some of them are just downright bad, both the visuals and accuracy, leaving a bit of a hit and miss feel to the whole game and giving one the impression that quite a few have been thrown in just to bump up the numbers, rather than striving to match the quality level expected of a game of this level.

Quality variances aside, it is nice to see that all the different weather options can be used on all the circuits, and that the game doesn't artificially limit what cars can be used on which circuit. Red Bull Ring in snow driving a WRX? No worries, the option is open for you to try. IndyCar at Knockhill? Go for it. Quite a cool thing to see and something I'm pleased about, if only for the novelty value of trying out weird combinations you would never see in real life.

Summary - Now I started writing this review very soon after the game released (about a week or so after) and I've parked it until now, half finished, as I wanted to give a bit of space for the developers to patch up some things and get it firing on all cylinders. We've had two patches so far, and still the AI is a joke. Wet weather is pointless against the computer opponents, and the dry weather awareness of where I am relative to the opposition is still poor. Not PCARS 1 bad, but for me at least still not close to the big hitters in the sim racing world. Over a month from launch day, I would expect this to be rectified and frankly I'm shocked it hasn't been addressed yet, making it very hard for me to want to invest any serious time in the sim. Assetto Corsa took a long time to get offline right, but that wasn't too much of a pain as the online stability was pretty rock solid, and more importantly the actual experience of driving the car was first rate, making hot lapping and just simply enjoying the driving experience of the different cars a pleasure, sadly for me at least PCARS 2 doesn't give the same level of driving thrill, it just feels canned and not really an "organic" driving experience. Open up your mind a little and AC or rF2 etc can feel like driving the real thing, PCARS 2 feels like a game. In my experience at least..

Moving to the online portion of the title is where my experience very dramatically drops off, as the events I've ventured into have all pretty much ended in various levels of frustration and disaster. Netcode has been poor at best, with plenty of lagging and cars floating or spawning at random all over the place. I suspect this has been improved since my last try, but frankly I've not got enough inclination to fire it up and have another bash, so this element of the sim will have to wait a while until further updates are released to entice me back to the game again.

Project CARS 2 Review 3.jpg

Now I'm aware that my opinions are probably going to be quite polarising in the community and probably come across a bit harsh, this isn't intended and saddens me to write them. I really, really, really wanted this to be good, and honestly the basics are in place for a very solid racing game. What has probably caused me the biggest disappointment is how I fell for the hype once again, having been promised something that would blow me away and having eventually just sat through what was eventually a light breeze. It feels like I've been promised the best Ferrari in the world, and eventually had a top of the range Fiat Punto delivered. Nothing wrong with the Punto, actually its a rather nice car, but when one expected a brand new 700bhp Ferrari on the drive and looking out over a nearly new Punto just feels you full of disappointment at what could have been.

Project CARS 2 claimed to be "redefining the genre of sim racing" prior to release, and having sunk plenty of hours into getting under the skin of the new title I can say one thing for sure: despite having quite a few compelling positives if you look hard enough at the game, if this is the new definition of sim racing then I'm not entirely sure I want to stick around for much longer.
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Manjši popravki:

Build Update Notes:

Online / Multiplayer

  • New game mode - The Online Championship game mode is now available, allowing players to compete online in fullchampionships, spanning multiple rounds.
  • Fixed an exploit where some players could load custom setups inCommunity Events when Default Setups are enabled.
  • Improved logging and syncing when joining online games already in progress.
  • Fix for an online issue where players would be shown an incorrect error message when attempting to join a game session which was full.
  • Online Reputation: When being kicked from a race, the system now checks your recent history to help decide if points should be deducted from your ranking score.
  • Online Reputation: Fixed a bug where remaining players would not score for a win against disconnected players.
  • Resolved a problem where a previously kicked player, joining back into a game after accepting an invite, would be auto-kicked.
  • For players joining an activequalifying or practice session, there is now a 3-minute cut-off as the session approaches completion, after which it will no longer be possible to join the session.
  • An error message is now displayed when an incorrect password isentered when joining a password-protected lobby.


  • New Invitational Event - McLaren 720S VIP Challenge.
  • Fix for career multi-class races, so that the finish position within the class is used for series progression, rather than the overall race position.
  • Nissan Skyline Silhouette, Nissan Skyline BNR32, Nissan R89C, andPorsche 961 can now be used in Career mode.
  • Fix for an issue where pop-ups for unlocking Invitational events weredisplayed in the wrong location.


  • Improvements to the VR-specific replay camera system.
  • Fix for screen dirt and rain drops not rendering correctly in VR.
  • Fix for an issue when VR combined with NVIDIA Surround caused thegame to attempt display of ultra-widescreen content in the VR headset.
  • Changed the VR Gaze pointer behaviour to also hide when the UI is disabled in Photo Mode and Replays.
  • Fix for VR Photo Mode initial FOV settings when switching camera mode.
  • Fix for screenshots taken in VR Photo Mode not saving correctly to the <Documents\Project CARS 2\screenshots> folder.


  • Logitech - Fix for G29 and G920 lock stops.
  • Fanatec - improved anti-jolt and high-frequency anti-vibe on the CSWB series.
  • Thrustmaster - Improvements for the 458 Italia.
  • Improvements to various controller’s vibration effects.

GUI and HUD improvements

  • Session information such as race duration is now displayed on the pre-race menu.
  • Changed the HUD colouring scale for race rain tyres.
  • Added a dialog to show replay saving progress.
  • Change to the way the Start Type is displayed on the Round dialog so that it matches the Race Settings dialog.
  • Fix for an issue where a menu would become disabled when moving'down' from the bottom of the menu.
  • Updates to various buttons to better indicate when a button is selected/highlighted.
  • Fix for buttons on online post-race results screen so that they only show when they can be pressed.
  • Fixed cases where the RPM Gauge on the HUD was not matching the actual RPM of the car.
  • Fixed loading bar to become invisiblewhen local loading is complete.
  • Added new Help Text for Menu Spring Strength in FFB settings.
  • Added fuel estimation to Tuning Setup screen and ICM.
  • Added auto-scroll to a number of info feeds to prevent overlapping text.
  • Added the name of the car setup currently in use to the 'Setup' button on the Pre-Race screen.
  • Fix for fuel being displayed incorrectly as mass, not volume.
  • Improvements to the lap timing and visual-split timing HUD widgets.
  • Fix for incorrect number of records being counted on Community Event screen.
  • Fixed an issue in Time Trial whereLoaded Ghosts and Options on the Pre-Race menu were highlighted at the same time if the player added multiple ghosts in Time Trial.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrectweather forecast icon is displayed for the client in the lobby details screen.


  • Various tyre behaviour tweaks and improvements to the different tyre compounds.
  • Altered the pre-heating temperatures of various tyres to prevent them from being outside optimum temp range at race starts.
  • New rain tyre compound improvements for Group C, GTP, all Formula cars, GT1, and LMP900.
  • Driveline improvements with increased synchro effect for Hewland-type gearbox
  • Lowered the time to jam gears together after a missed shift for all gearboxes.
  • Changes to Vintage Lotus treaded tyres to improve wet speed balance.
  • Altered radiator damage to make it more progressive, and not accumulate damage from minor impacts.
  • Fix for issues with radiator settings on the Toyota GT86 GT4, and Rocket Bunny versions, which under someconditions were causing engine overheating.
  • Changes to downshift protection based on vehicle speed.
  • Lowered minimum shift time for cars with H-pattern racing gearboxes.
  • Improved physics setup and damage for Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8 AMG.
  • Fixed missing radiator damage for Ford Escorts, and Ford Mustangs.
  • Improvements to Formula Renault 3.5 default stable setup.
  • Performance balancing changes to the LMP1, GT3 and GT4 Classes.
  • Refinements to Vintage Low Grip tyre.
  • Balanced performance for BMW M3 GT4, and Ford Mustang Boss 302 R1.
  • Improved Modern Touring Car tyre compound.
  • Road car tyres: Tuned theaquaplaning and more sensible behaviour in very deep water.
  • Increased threshold for detachingfront wings of Formula cars.
  • Adjusted various default setups:
  • – Aston DB11: Loose
  • – Aston Vulcan: Loose, and Stable
  • – BMW 320 TC: Stable
  • – BMW M3 E30: Loose, and Stable
  • – Chevy Camaro ZL1: Loose, and OEM
  • – Ferrari 330 P4: Loose, and Stable
  • – Ford Fusion Stockcar: Loose.
  • BMW 2002 StanceWorks: Fixed tyre texture, better strut geometry for kingpin angle and scrub radius, improved drag centre of forces in the aero model.


  • Improved AI in low- and high-speed cornering.
  • Improved balance between player and AI in wet conditions.
  • Improvements to general AI behaviour and racecraft across all tracks.
  • Tweaks to how AI are affected by snow and ice.
  • Improvements to the AI driving on slick tyres in wet weather.
  • AI Practice and Qualifying grip levels rebalanced to better match expected behaviour.
  • Better balanced AI speed on corner exit.
  • Generally improved the AI racing balance and ability across many tracks.


  • Update to various AI car sounds.
  • Added new sounds for lower pitch skidding.
  • Improved AI audio levels in replays.
  • Improvements to Lamborghini Huracán engine audio.
  • Reduced the skid sounds for the McLaren 720S.
  • Modified falloff curves for surface and skid sounds.
  • Updated sound mix for replays, with improved reverb settings for tunnels and bridges.
  • New tyre skid sound effects for treaded tyres.
  • Fix for an issue with audio not panning to all speakers in 7.1 under certain conditions.


  • California Highway Stage 3 - Added an alternate start line to clean up occasional start line issues.
  • DirtFish (all) - Fixed an issue with render flickering on main building.
  • DirtFish Mill Run - Fix for an exploit to prevent unrealistic lap times (This includes a leaderboard reset for Time Trial and Community Events on DirtFish Mill Run to remove bogus lap times).
  • Fuji - Fixed an issue with some render flickering on the front of the pit buildings.
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval - Updated dynamic marks, updated AI alternate start line for better cleaner starts.
  • Circuit de 24 Heures du Mans - Fix for render flickering issue on the fence left of start straight, and in the curve entering the long straight.
  • Lohéac - Fix for an issue on one kerb where the physics would didn’t behave correctly.
  • Oulton Park - Fixed floating white lines near entry to pit lane.
  • Red Bull Ring—National: Changed some dynamic barriers and fixed LODs.
  • Red Bull Ring GP and National layouts - Fixes for various Replay and Pre-Race camera issues.
  • Sakitto - Fixed various render popup issues.
  • Fixed issues with the race start at various tracks.
  • Adjusted the pit lane placement of Pit Limiter Entry and Exit boards at several tracks.
  • Improvements to track cut settings at various tracks.


  • Audi A1 Quattro - Rebalanced the AI in rain vs. dry.
  • BAC Mono - New wet tyre compound.
  • BMW 320 TC - Fixes for gaps in the rear of cockpit, and fixed cockpit display clipping.
  • Caterham Seven 620 R - Improved wet tyre.
  • Chevrolet Camaro 1969 - New suspension geometry to better match the Hotchkiss design at the rear and SLA up front.
  • Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 - OEM setup differential opened up.
  • Dallara DW12 Road - New player rain compound, and new AI wet grip adjustments.
  • Formula X & Dallara IR-12 - Adjusted engine lifetime model.
  • Ferrari 488 GT3 - Reduced extra slip allowance at low speeds for better stability.
  • Ferrari F40 LM - Fixed various cockpit detail issues that were visible in VR.
  • Ford Escort RS1600 - Adjusted dry and wet speeds for AI to match latest physics changes.
  • Ford Falcon V8 Supercar - New rain compound.
  • Ford Falcon V8 Superca - Added a new tyre carcass and made some minor improvements to car handling.
  • Formula Renault 3.5 - Increased rolling drag and friction torque to AI to balance their speed on straights.
  • Ginetta G40 - Improved AI tyre stiffness, grip and rolling resistance, to better match player, added new Junior tyre.
  • KTM X-Bow GT4 - Changed spring and damper data, and added optional final drive ratio.
  • Ligier JS P - Fixed exhaust positions.
  • Ligier LMP3 - Fixed rear 3rd bump stop having no range adjustment.
  • Lotus Type 51 - Increased players wet grip to better match the AI.
  • Mazda MX-5 Radbul - Engine cooling and durability adjustment to prevent engine from blowing after one lap. New drift setup added.
  • McLaren P1 GTR - Updated the differentials for Stable, and Loose default setups, for more stability and ease of driving.
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 - Improved default setup to improve stability.
  • Nissan Fairlady Z GTS - Various fixes enabling radiator damage, texture fixes, better drag balance, and bigger set of gear ratios.
  • Nissan Fairlady Z GTS-II - Raised shift light RPM-trigger to 8,000 RPM.
  • Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette - Boost adjustment for default setup to make the car more competitive with other Group 5 cars.
  • Porsche 936/77 - Added a wider set of gear ratios.
  • RWD P20 LMP2 - Changed shift lights to better match engine peak-power.
  • Toyota GT86 - Altered aero positioning, and fixed an aero-lose problem without changing the setup.
  • GT4 cars - Change to the tyre carcass model.
  • LMP1 Cars - Fixed an issue where the AI weren't using the hybrid system, causing an imbalance with the player.
  • LMP2 cars - Reduced aero drag by 35lbf @ 150mph.
  • Various road cars - Changed OEM tyres to the correct ones.
  • Kart - Disabled differential setup adjustments, new tyre carcass construction.
  • Improved dirt texture on various cars.
  • Fixed mud and snow textures on various cars.

Other Improvements

  • Fixed an issue in Time Trial where the player could load a ghost’s setup for a different car from the player’s car if the selected ghost was in the same class as the player’s car.
  • Improved the rendering of the edges of LiveTrack puddles for off-road/off-track areas.
  • Fixed an issue with mud and dust particles being visible inside cockpits.
  • Improvements to the wet track darkening render effect.
  • Much-improved motion blur and bokeh effects.
  • Fix for an issue where, in certain cases, LiveTrack conditions could be carried over from one game type to another.
  • Improved the synchronisation of clouds and rainfall, and the effects on cars.
  • Fix for a red/yellow graphical glitch sometimes appearing on track surface.
  • Fix for an occasional crash when switching shadow detail level.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when entering text for a new pit strategy.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally some AI cars would not move on the first viewing of a replay.
  • Fix for an issue that would reset the player’s tuning setup to default when Pausing and choosing to return to pits.
  • ...and many other small tweaks, improvements and performance enhancements.
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Vintage Touring & GT A+B
Ferrari 365 GTB4 Competizione 
Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Trans Am 
Ford Mustang RTR Trans Am 
Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 
Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 
Nissan Fairlady 240ZG GTS-II
BMW 2002 StanceWorks Edition

Gruppe C

Sauber C9 - 1,00
Nissan R89C - 1,00
Jaguar XJR-9 - 1,10
Porsche 962C - 1,10

Pm za več info...

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