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  1. Grafična: https://www.bolha.com/nvidia-graficne-kartice/zotac-geforce-gtx-1060-prodam-oglas-5547969 Monitor: https://www.bolha.com/24-palcni-lcd/monitor-dellu-2412m-oglas-5548040 Ohišje in napajalnik: https://www.bolha.com/ohisja-za-racunalnike/antec-one-xfx-core-edition-pro-550w-oglas-5548002
  2. Tudi jaz v R3. Pravijo, da costum skini nagajajo. Namreč brez njih nas je 50 v dežju furalo bp...
  3. mancSLO

    Kaj poslušate?

    A ta kitare ne zna naštelat al kaj
  4. mancSLO

    Kaj poslušate?

    Upam da alija niso desnaki potamanil...
  5. Ja, sm prjazn, pa bl pučas grem, pa pol rad iz mano derkajo 😁
  6. The 1st ADRIA GT CUP is over. It is the one to remember. The results confirm that it was full of close racing. Top 3 in 5 points, only 2 between glory and grief... The glory and bragging rights of becoming 1ST ADRIA GT CHAMPION goes to SEBASTJAN LAJKOVIČ, MARJAN KODERMAN can sure be disappointed of losing the title in the last round. But TIM NOVAK is surely happy to secure the bronze with superb comeback from a hard start of his campaign. Oh... did we mention that there was a tie for 3rd??!! MATIC BEZJAK scored same amount of points but Tim won 2 races but Matic won only one. Oh yea
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