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  1. Imola GP drama drama and more drama As we start qualifications everything seems as smooth as milkshake smoothie. Kesinovic the young rookie didn't suprise us with P1 while 2 veterans Vodicar and Oslakovic got P2 and P3. Jenko with P4 suprised even himself, while the experienced Novak from Benetton went P5, there was Kuzin the arrow so close to the veteran Novak he gained P6 while his enginners cheered for him in pitstops. Ferrari finally put someone in front and that was Goli astonishing P7. No doubt there was podium on their mind. If that was not enough it was an amazing Q to watch, as t
  2. zdravo @B_U_R_I Ja je še živ in zdrav, ravnokar je zmagal v San Marinu Imola gp.
  3. seems somebody beat me. o.O hehe nj too Vodicar!
  4. 2nd race of season is on the way. My hotlap on Imola gp. Enjoy!
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