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  1. Moral bom preskočiti to dirko, sem na bolniški.
  2. Livery v priponki. Yates_24.zip
  3. Prijavil sem se na prvenstvo. Delam še livery, pošljem kmalu.
  4. Are we still following the same rules as previous series? The rules haven't been posted anywhere, and there's already at least one that seems to not be being used anymore. https://www.slo-racing.com/IPS/racing-rules/
  5. 16, če še lahko.
  6. I managed to injure my arm while putting the summer tyres back on my car, so I think it's better if I sit this one out. (Sorry, ne govorim še dovolj dobro slovensko.)
  7. Iščem sovoznika za to prvenstvo. Dirkal bom Ginetta G55 GT4. ...and that's the limit of my Slovene for the day. I've raced in Core before. I left because I didn't have enough time to practice properly before the races, and because of that I was racing against some people who weren't racing well - I spent more time trying to avoid them crashing in to me than defending against them. The racing here is much better - I'm still being overtaken, but it's fairly here. I have an actual rig now, so with that and the races being every two weeks rather than every week, I should be able to practice enough to be at least somewhere mid-pack again.
  8. 10. Endy Yates (hopefully I'm not too late to sign up!)
  9. Endy Yates (I'll be driving the Porsche Cayman GT4 again.)
  10. @PEK, @mancSLO - Hvala! That was actually my first race win online since I started simracing - which was October 2007. A bit of a shame it happened in those circumstances, though. I was surprised by how much speed the Maseratis were losing with the ballast, especially on the straights.
  11. @Ale I did sign up there a while ago, but I don't think I ever raced there. I think we've raced against each other at core, though (but at different ends of the grid!).
  12. Zdravo! Thought I should post here since my post in the GT4 fun cup thread seems to have confused some people... I've been simracing since around 2007. A few of you might recognise me from another Assetto Corsa league. I moved to Slovenia a little over a year ago. I can speak some Slovene, although probably not enough to be able to understand anything motorsport-related yet.
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