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F1PRO.SI Nova sezona z Mclaren F1 1998


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Lep pozdrav vsem,

Na F1pro.si začenjamo novo mini sezono z F1 Mclaren 1998 mod katerega se dobi na Steam Workshop. Prijave so odprte od danes naprej, sezono pa bomo začeli v prihodnjih tednih, ko zberemo vsaj nekje 18 prijav. Dolžina dirk bo nekje 75% pravih dirk. Predlogi, pripombe, vprašanja zaželjena.

f1pro racebanner.png

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Imola GP drama drama and more drama

As we start qualifications everything seems as smooth as milkshake smoothie. Kesinovic the young rookie didn't suprise us with P1 while 2 veterans Vodicar and Oslakovic got P2 and P3. Jenko with P4 suprised even himself, while the experienced Novak from Benetton went P5, there was Kuzin the arrow so close to the veteran Novak he gained P6 while his enginners cheered for him in pitstops. Ferrari finally put someone in front and that was Goli astonishing P7. No doubt there was podium on their mind. If that was not enough it was an amazing Q to watch, as they were so close in time. Ending for Krenker was P8 surely his teammate Novak was proud. Sauber suprised with not only Vodicar but also Mesaric as he went P9. For qualification P10 was Szeweluk as he secures top 10 starting positions for team Stewart. There is fire in teams heart and they surely want to secure points. Rodriques from team Williams tried his best and ended P11 closest to secure points for William team in the race. Vismara the teammate Arrows did an amazing round and ended P12. The Q continues with Korat P13 trying his best to start the race in the back and fight to the top 10, not close after him was Van Gent of william team P14 and Dubaric P15 no doubt showing the spirit of fighters.

All done well Q was nearing the end, drivers started to sweat and the sun was shinning. It was 29° on the track Imola GP and there was 0,1% possibility to get cloudy. While F1 fans were on toes for the start of the race, teams were getting ready for the race. The setups were ready, hot tight ladies with umbrellas went off and here we go. "Ladies and gentlemans, get ready for the 2nd GP of season f1pro, here and now in San Marino imola gp" was saying reporter, while crowd cheered on sunny day in San Marino. All cars set to start formation lap, it was now that some technical fault in traffic light was being noticed. While cars drove formation lap, it wasnt fixed. With repair mans trying their hardest to repair the traffic lights, f1 cars came to starting position. It seemed that race would be postponed to another 10 minutes or maybe next week. Drama, drama oh dear drama. Trying their best to fix the problem, the drivers became more nervous by the minute. Crowd unknowingly started too "boo" but alas finally the issue was fixed. Never has this happened and the organizators are apologizing. Finally lights fixed, cars engine turn on and you could hear the roaring of exhausts. As the whole stadium of crowd trembled, Lights went green. "Green, green". "start, start", heared from almost all team radios. The crowd went crazy, because finaly in San Marino the race has started.

The youngster Kesinovic started well, but in 3th position Oslakovic had a great start gaining 1 position while Vodicar and Jenko followed them into first corner. Meanwhile Goli in the Ferrari, starting fantasticly gaining 2 positions even passed Novak the experienced veteran right behind Jenko's back. Even Krenker had good start surpassing Kuzin the arrow, following Novak into first corner. Mesaric which was P9 followed Krenker and used slipstreaming to pass Kuzin the arrow. In the back, Dubaric last in position used the throtle of ferrari and gained 2 position before the 1st corner. All eyez on the 1st corner where drama begins, Oslakovic with late breaking slammed the rear end of youngster Kesinovic and he started to spin off the track then into the sand. While Goli the Ferrari was on outside off corner next to Novak, Krenker unexpected also breaks late, oh my oh my. It spins both of them right from the track and into the sand. While 3 cars on the sand they trying to get on track, after the 2nd corner and on the straight track Oslakovic slows down and we can hear the radio "guys, wtf. something is wrong with the brakes, brakes aren't working!!!" as he continues he slows the car to wait for Kesinovic and meanwhile team fixes his breaks. In back Dubaric from Ferrari makes good attack and on 2nd corner passes Korat for the 12th position. Vodicar takes the lead right behind him Jenko and Novak, Kuzin the arrow recovers position back and gains 1 positions he is now at 4th position. Mesaric on 5th and right behind him Szeweluk from Stewart team. 7th Rodrigues and Dubaric 8th. 9th is Korat with a nervous look, because it's only a start of the race and right behind him he had his faster teammate Kesinovic which by now all 3 cars recovered and are on track. Vismara with a good defense stayed on 11th followed by Gent trying to attack him on the straight line of the track. Krenker and Goli unfortunaly last but putting foot on the pedal for the medal. Nothing is lost sayed Goli the Ferrrari "I had a good pace, even in the end I was trying to get to podium, unfortunaly I was slammed in the first corner, it happens" which was really close in the end. Oslakovic waited for Kesinovic and now he can start to race, that puts Oslakovic on 11th place. Vismara 12th, Gent 13th and in the long straight line the 6th corner Goli the Ferrari makes an succesfull attack on Gent, for 13th position on 15th place is Krenker. In the last corners Rodrigues flies out of the track, dropping down to last position. While Rodrigues was in the same corner Kesinovic made a good attack and overtake Dubaric for 8th position. And right behind Dubaric's Ferrari there is Oslakovic team Mercedes trying to get back in front, already passed Korat of team Prost. On the straight in the end of 1st lap Mesaric attacked Kuzin the arrow with the help of the slipstream and succesfully gained 4th position. As did Goli the Ferrari overpassing Vismara on straight for 11th position. Then suddenly back in front Szeweluk from Stewart saw an opportunity to overtake Kuzin on 4th corner went inside but was too late on brakes and couldn't steer then dramaticly slammed into Kuzin. Resulting into spinning them both off the track and losing all position. Kuzin must be furious! What a drama here in San Marino. While cars overtake Arows and Stewart team. Oslakovic made an attack on Dubaric and it seemed almost like he gave up position just not to end in the sand like Kesinovic. End of lap 2, the first three in positions were slowly making lead by each corner from the group. 1st is Vodicar team Sauber, 2nd Jenko Mercedes beast and the 3rd is Novak the experienced veteran. Not even 3 seconds behind there are also group of three drivers, Mesaric of Sauber followed closely by Kesinovic the youngster and coming at full gas Oslakovic in 6th position. Another group of 3 cars behind 6th placed Oslakovic, are Dubaric in 7th and Goli the Ferrari with an amazing attack on Korat of Prost overtaking him while Korat made a mistake. On 10th place trying to catch the group is Krenker but barely following are Vismara and van Gent fighting for 11th place, Rodrigues of Williams on 13th trying to have a comeback into top 10. Kuzin the arrow is defending 14th place from Szeweluk in hopes that he won't attack him uncarelessly. Meanwhile the Ferrari change tactics and Dubaric let pass Goli the ferarri after chicane and on the last corners in the second group Kesinovic made an attack on Mesaric but they both got stuck with tires and spinned them off the track. Unlucky Kesinovic the youngster. While Oslakovic passes them with no challenge he gained 4th position. While they got on the track, Goli the Ferrari and the 3rd group catches Kesinovic the youngster and Mesaric of Sauber putting them together in a fine race for points. Now Goli made his way to 6th position right in the tail of Kesinovic the youngster. And in the end of lap 4, Rodrigues's engines started to smoke, was this the end for williams teammate? In front Vodicar had a good pace, and for now only Jenko could follow it as Novak the experienced veteran, falled back few seconds. Expectedly 4th Oslakovic was gaining fast on the leader. For 5th place there was Kesinovic the youngster defending as Goli the Ferrari was right behind him. While mesaric is defending Dubaric Ferrari and Krenker for 7th place. Korat of Prost was on 10th alone in secure position for points. But even in the back, Gent and Vismara fighting for 11th place was still interesting to watch. Catching up to them was Kuzin the arrow and behind him on 14th and 15th place were Rodrigues and Szeweluk of Stewart. Moving to lap 20 a breaking news while fan who was waiting this race for a whole week had this to say :" i mean it's amazing, the atmosphere crashing, spinning, and the pace of some drivers, thats gotta be hard to maintain focus and stay sharp" Well he wasn't wrong there, it was intense and we saw a lot of spins and crashes but fortunate no fatal injuries. Lap 20 on the race track, Vodicar still leading, Jenko Mercedes couldn't keep up the pace and drove slower so the leader gained some time. 2nd is Krenker but didn't do the pitstop yet, 3rd is Jenko Mercedes beast, 4th Novak the experienced veteran and followed right behind him Oslakovic of Mercedes. 6th is Goli the Ferrari with a solid pace, 7th amazingly recovered Kuzin the arrow, with a big gap behind was van Gent of Williams, then on 9th place Kesinovic the youngster with some spins and probably broken car he couldn't defend against Goli in the Ferrari. While Rodriques did a comeback and is now at 10th place, and on that lap were confirming that there is trouble with the engine and that he needs to pit and end the race early. Now passing Rodrigues, Dubaric of Ferrari reached top 10 position. While Gent of williams had battles with Vismara of arrows. Vismara had trouble staying on track and spinned few times. So Vismara of Arrows is now 11th trying to race back to top 10, 12th is Szeweluk of Stewart but even if there is a huge gap, their engine and brakes were still working and everything was possible in San Marino, Imola GP. Unfortunaly Mesaric of Sauber and Korat of Prost were DNF for unknown reason, FIA will tell us more in future time. While there was drama, there also were mistakes in driving. It was lap 20 and consistency will bring you higher position. The gaps were big and everything was possible, there was starting to evolve fights for 2nd position while Jenko drove as fast as he could, Oslakovic of Mercedes had fights with Novak the experienced veteran. Only 12 drivers left, and 26 laps to go. Who will win? Who wanted it more? Let's see and try not to miss much. Lap 22 Oslakovic overtook Novak at 1st corner, now on 3rd position and started to chase Jenko on 2nd position. Szeweluk of Stewart drove off track into sand in last corner lap 23. Lap 26 Novak couldn't follow the fight for 2nd place and he didn't stayed focused so he made few mistakes and Goli easily catched and overtake Novak for 4th position. After Oslakovic surpass Novak, he had small fights with his teammate who defended easily some attacks. But finaly on lap 28 it was probably Jenko's mistake that he let Oslakovic pass on 1st corner but was a big mistake on Jenko's part because he spinned right out of track. But managed to keep 3rd position. Now Goli the Ferrari only few seconds behind Jenko's starting to show the hunger for podium. What a big decision on Mercedes part, but will it cost Jenko the podium? And in the same lap in the middle section of the track Vodicar made a mistake going off the track and Oslakovic passes him. Now Oslakovic is leading, Vodicar 2nd, Jenko 3rd, Goli 4th, 5th Novak, 6th Krenker, 7th Kesinovic, 8th Kuzin, 9th Dubaric. 10th Gent and 11th Vismara. 18 laps to go, For most of the cars there is one pit stop left and lets unravel this race. In the lap 31, Goli the Ferrari and Novak the experienced veteran were getting very close to Jenko Mercedes beast so, Jenko pitted hoping that this was the way for podium. Jenko got passed by Goli and Novak. Unfortunate Novak did a mistake in last corner lap 32 and spinned losing a lot of time and went for pitstop. Jenko, Krenker of Benetton and Kesinovic the youngster passed Novak in his unlucky lap. As Goli was fast he tried to pass Vismara on the middle section of corner, Vismara respected the blue flag, went outside the corner but Goli the Ferrari didn't want to crash into him, so he pushed brakes to hard and spinned. Oh my, what an unlucky race for ferrari. Again the fallen drivers did mistake on lap for pitstop, and Jenko' Mercedes beast plan worked for now it seems. Lap 42 the following positions are 1st leading with a excellent pace is Vodicar of Sauber, 2nd is Oslakovic of Mercedes, 3rd is Jenko of Mercedes, 4th is Goli of Ferrari, 5th is Krenker of Benetton, 6th is Novak of Benetton, 7th is Kesinovic of Prost, 8th is Kuzin of arrows, 9th is Dubaric of Ferrari, 10th is Gent of Williams, 11th is Vismara of arrows. In the end Vodicar took the win! Amazing performance from Sauber team. Close behind 2nd was Oslakovic, and the 3rd was Jenko. The rest stayed the same.

Congratulations to the winner and here is what he had to say:"start was fine but loked like left line was better for start as Luka pass me quite easy.. after a colision betwen Luka an Marian I just wanted to came into safe rythm and I did it. I did 2 misstakes during race but nothing sirius.. at the end I needed to go a bit faster as Luka was aproaching qute fast on fresh tires. I think the tactical decision for 1 stop was correct as the pit line was veeery long. Luckily P1 today. Congrats to all finishers!" Great driving from drivers, good consistency. Crowd enjoyed the race, they will have an amazing days to come here in San Marino. Hope you had a good reading, and you are welcome to join us next race in Malaysian GP.







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Magnificent! One word to describe this race. Firstly, we had Qualifying battle between Vodičar and Oslaković, in which Vodicar got edge by margin of just 0.018s and where we saw 5 drivers inside 1 second gap. Grid is full and race started well, especially for Kešinović who snatched P2, but then turned to bad when Oslaković immediately brought back his position, and also was overtook by Jenko, falling to P4. It was intense battle for all positions, especially top 3 and various tactics. Oslaković made surprisingly good tactic with 3 stops and using softs, which made him look like walking in park with more than half minute of advantage, really genius from him, lesson learned. There was battle for P3 throughout whole race between Jenko and Kešinović, which was intense, both were pushing beyond limit and exceeded their expectations. They made some mistakes because of that, but it was strong race spirit within them, in which Jenko made his way to P3 in defensive mode, while Kešinović, although faster, with many mistakes couldn’t achieve his first podium, but nevertheless, after race they both expressed how much fun they had and are looking forward for new exciting battles. In the end, it was good race for Goli and Novak who gained 3 positions in race and ended P6 and P7 respectively. On the other side, Kuzin and Dubarić, who finished P9 and P10, were struggling in race and had issues so it is understandable that they are not satisfied, but at least they made 2 positions forward in race and finished in point. In conclusion, it was great, tight and close race, which is becoming closer as season is going forward. With 3 races left, McLaren is very close to secure constructors' championship, as is Oslaković, who need 2 more wins to secure his driver title. Can that change? What outcome will be in next race? Come to Spa and see for yourself!











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Nocoj na portalu f1pro.si zaključujemo prvenstvo v Formula 1 1992 modu. Zadnja dirka bo v znameniti Monzi.
Fantje pa so za prihodnje tedne pripravili novo prvenstvo in sicer z dirkalnikom Tatuus PM-18. Gre za izredno zanmiv dirkalnik, ki ga uporabljajo tudi v all-stars/legends tekmovanju, kar pomeni, da ni preveč zahteven, po drugi strani pa tudi ne preveč preprost, da ne bi privlačil tudi najhitrejših nezemljanov kot so Kevin Siggy, Jernej Simončič, Rudy Van Buren. Prvenstvo je zastavljeno tako, da ni dodatnih stroškov z DLC-ji. Vsa vsebina, tako dirkalnik, kot steze, so brezplačni, potrebujete le igro rFactor 2 :) V ekipi Troyan Donut Automotive se najde še kakšen prosti sedež - mi zagotovimo custom skin, vi vozite :)
Prijave na:


Tatuus PM-18 Specifications

Full carbon composite and aluminum honeycomb monocoque manufactured by Tatuus Racing meeting current FIA F4 safety standards, including side impact panels, front and rear impact structures, HANS-compliant IndyCar head restraint, front and rear wheel tethers, upgraded uprights, and upgraded front bulkhead structure for USA specific oval racing circuits.

Mazda developed 2-litre MZR-PM18A (275 HP) prepared by Elite Engines, with maximum torque of 190 Ft. Lbs., utilizing a fly by wire throttle system and Cosworth SQ6 engine management system.For more information on the PM-18 Mazda MZR 2.0 race engine history and development click here

Bodywork and Aerodynamics
Unique Indy Pro 2000 engine cover, carbon composite diffuser, adjustable dual element rear wing and single plane carbon fiber front wing with adjustable flaps and Indy Pro 2000-specific front and rear endplates. All bodywork carbon fiber construction.

Motegi Racing forged Technomesh mono-block alloy wheels, 13 X 10 and 13 X 12 sizes (front & rear).

Dry and wet tires to Indy Pro 2000 specification supplied by Cooper Tires.

Performance Friction Brakes ZR24 4-piston monobloc caliper with 274.0mm discs on both the front and rear axles.  Driver adjustable brake bias.

Steering Wheel
Cosworth CFW277 with integrated dash and gear change paddles.

Cosworth Omega L2 Plus Data Logger linked via CAN to Cosworth SQ6 ECU and GCU. Option to upgrade to an Omega Pro, at added cost.

Sadev SL82 six-speed sequential transmission fitted with optimized Indy Pro 2000  gear ratio set controlled by a Magneti Marelli gearshift system.

Twin wishbone suspension with pushrod actuation to Dynamic DSSV two-way adjustable dampers and a range of adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars. Springs provided by Hyperco, with six spring rates available, interchangeable for front and rear axles. Upgraded front and rear uprights for USA specific oval racing. Ride-height, camber and toe adjustment on both axles with roll center, anti-squat and anti-dive adjustments on rear axle.

Fuel System
Premier Fuel Systems 40 liter FT3 fuel cell with internal high pressure pump and filters.

Safety System
Fully integrated electronic FIA approved fire extinguisher system.

Engine Control Unit
Cosworth SQ6 including integrated engine and gearshift control systems.

Wheelbase:          2750 mm
Front Track:          1560 mm
Rear Track:           1510 mm
Weight:                 Approximately 500 kg (less driver and fuel) 

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