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  • AC Server name: slo-racing TCR Test car: Seat Leon TCR track: Silvertone National format: P-5min, Q-10min, R-15min
  • R3E Server name: slo-racing TCR Test car: TCR class track: Hungaroring, Red Bull Ring, Imola format: P-5min, Q-10min, R1-10min, R2-10min
  • rF2 Server name: slo-racing BTCC Test car: BTCC NGTC, Honda BTCC 2013 track: Oulton Park, Croft Circuit, Silverstone, Thruxton format: P-15min, Q-10min, R-15min

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rFactor 2 Update Released.jpg
A new update for rFactor 2 has been deployed today, now featuring enhanced rain visuals amongst a sizeable number of improvements and fixes.

As detailed in the final development roadmap post of 2017 (HERE), Studio 397 have today deployed a fairly sizeable new build release for rFactor 2 that amongst other things offers players the opportunity to sample the first pass of the enhanced rain effects introduced to this venerable racing simulation. Benefitting from significantly improved visual representation over the previous rain simulation, the new build is a major step forward in one of the few remaining areas where rFactor 2 fails to live up to expectations in comparison to other similar simulators available on the marketplace today.

As well as the very visually obvious changes to weather effects, Studio 397 have committed to continue developing the wet stuff in rF2 as they look to improve the overall experience and introduce physics interaction with dynamic puddle formations and other interesting and exciting elements found in wet weather racing.

Due to the nature of the new build and visual improvements brought to the simulation, vanilla and mod content will need to be updated to make best use of the new technology employed by Studio 397. As such the Dutch developers are actively working to update all the base content of the simulation, with the following items already having been given the update treatment, with more to follow in the coming weeks and months;


  • Bentley GT3 - v1.97
  • Radical GT3 - v1.993
  • Mercedes GT3 - v1.99
  • McLaren GT3 - v1.993
  • Callaway GT3 - v1.97
  • Formula E - v1.993
  • Dallara - v1.96
  • USF 2000 - v1.94
  • Camaro GT3 - v1.94
  • Corvette C6R - v1.93
  • Nissan 370Z GT4 - v1.93
  • Brabham BT44B - v1.95 >>>You need to manually subscribe HERE
  • Brabham BT20 - v1.95
  • Stock Car - v1.96
  • EVE -v1.98
  • Spark - v1.98
  • Formula Two - v1.95
  • Honda Civic BTCC - v1.99 (Physics Update: New tires)
  • Kart Cup - v1.92
  • Nissan GTR GT1 - v1.93
  • Howston G4 - v1.96
  • Howston G6 - v1.96
  • Megane 2013 - v1.95
  • Clio 2010 - v1.93
  • Howston Dissenter - v1.94


  • LimeRock - 2.02
  • Mores - v1.82
  • Nola - v1.30
  • Indianapolis - v2.04
  • Silverstone - v1.84
  • Brianza - v2.04
  • Malaysia - v1.82

Before playing the new update it is also worth noting the following information;

  • Important: Make sure to update any SteamCMD servers to get the latest!
  • Delete contents of the folders CBash and shaders located in \Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\Log

Full build 1109 change log (December 21st 2017)

Improved Lighting

  • We developed an Image-Based Lighting for Ambient (IBLA) solution that substantially improves lighting in our graphics engine.
  • IBLA acts on the colors of the scene, taking into account information from the surrounding environment when drawing each object.
  • The resulting lighting system gives the final image a more realistic look and it improves the perception of depth for the driver.
  • This new system uses new ambient probes that have been added to most of the tracks. It is recomputed dynamically as weather or time conditions change.
  • IBLA does not introduce any noticeable performance penalties and its features have been exposed to Mod Dev. Furthermore, tracks that do not have set IBLA yet will automatically have a default set of probes assigned to them.

Rain Effects


  • Added dynamic drops on the windshield and the body of the car.
  • These drops respect gravity, so they will run down the sides, and each single drop will have its own lifespan.
  • The drops also respect airflow around the car when driving, making them move in appropriate directions.
  • The effect is not scripted but generated in real time, and it varies depending on factors like the amount of rain drops falling from the sky, the speed of the vehicle, or the particles generated from another car in front of you.
  • Wipers on cars are now functional and will clear the windscreen in two different user configurable speeds.


  • Vastly improved reflections of the surroundings that become visible as the track gets wet.
  • Added blurred reflections for the “Ultra” Road Reflection setting.
  • Improved shaders for the real-road surfaces and added new shaders to match closely the properties of elements like curbs in dry/wet conditions.
  • Added highly detailed puddle maps that allow puddles to form in the appropriate places on tracks.

New HUD Options

  • Added options to show tire wear and ride height as text parameters.
  • Added tire wear percentage to the vehicle status MFD.
  • Increased the accuracy of fuel consumption with an extra digit.
  • Fixed a bug with TireAverageTemp text parameters, which would not show up in the HUD because of a space in their names.
  • Added a “delta best” parameter that you can add to a HUD, showing time lost or gained compared to your fastest lap in milliseconds. Works for all cars (not just player). Included optional text coloring of the text output so positive and negative values can result in different colors.
  • Added a more accurate fuel indication as well as one that shows the fuel you used in your last (full) lap, or zero otherwise.
  • Added a gauge for showing the “delta best” with a range of -1.0 to +1.0 seconds.
  • Added predicted number of laps remaining based on fuel used for last lap.
  • Added current rain percentage.
  • Added minimum and maximum track water depth.
  • Added an option to disable font scaling for the chat and message box (apart from using comic sans, non-linear font scaling is about the biggest sin a designer can commit).
  • Added weather info (rain intensity and min/max water depth) into the MFD for HUD and in-car use.
  • Designed a new default HUD that takes advantage of the new features. (Coming soon)

Other/Fixes etc.

  • The plugin API will no longer invoke callbacks that provide ScreenInfoV01 data that used to allow plugins to render to the screen. Doing this directly has been deprecated with the release of DX11, and alternatives are to either use information that is available in the updated HUD or wait for a new plugable HUD system to be released in 2018.
  • We have removed the “cache” folder from our install, so all content will now be downloaded from the workshop. This means the base install is much smaller. Upon first launch you will be automatically subscribed to all Studio 397 content and while that is downloading the Launcher will show a progress dialog window with screenshots of all content items it is downloading for you.
  • Generating Mip Maps from reflections, this gives smoother reflections as a result.
  • Formula E liveries for TeCheetah, Mahindra and Venturi updated to 2018.
  • Formula E driver helmets updated.
  • Formula E driver suits updated.

Known Issues/troubleshooting

  • Rain effects are visual currently. However, we are working on physics impacts.
  • Some content is still to be updated to include the rain effects such as cars and tracks.
  • Performance is constantly being reviewed
  • Rain drops on external cameras under review
  • If you are experiencing strange graphical issues, delete the contents of your cbash and shader folders located in \Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\Log
  • Important: Make sure to update any SteamCMD servers to get the latest!

To help you get the most performance out of the new update Studio 397 have released basic graphics setting guidance that can be found HERE.

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Napisano (urejeno)

Zanimivo in poučno :) :


Uredil - 57X
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Napisano (urejeno)


Kaj kdo ve mogoče, ali za ponovno aktivacijo (pred časom imel licenco, sedaj pa že par let nisem podaljšal), ali rabim ponovno vse na novo plačat, ali lahko kako podaljšam licenco?



Uredil - gojzer

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Podaljšaš staro in začneš kjer si končal. Vsi rezultati, licence in kupljen content ti ostane.

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Uredil, zdaj pa spet wooom woooom,.,,:D

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Haha.. a boš kaj H-shifter razgibal? :D Tole je povsem sveže iz S397:

March 761

A fragile but rocket-like fast F1 car, designed and manufactured by UK based March Engineering. With a background of designing F2 cars and the experience of many different racing series, March Engineering brought this car into F1 in 1976. An interesting fact is that these cars used a sponsorship that changed from race to race, resulting in many wildly different liveries being used throughout the season.

Brabham BT44b

The car used by Brabham in 1975 wasn´t anything extraordinary from just looking at the individual parts. Marrying a Cosworth DFV engine to a Hewland FG gearbox was considered standard practice that time, so the BT44b didn´t stand out. But the team worked hard not only on improving the reliability of this combination, but also on the performance in certain areas, as well as making sure the BT44b features a very low centre of gravity. With all these coming together, Brabham managed to have their most successful season since 1969, finishing 2nd in the constructors championship





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Super novice za ljubitelje simracinga. Jutri izide laserscaned Sebring :)

Več novic na povezavi:
Roadmap update Jully 2018


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Things are heating up :D Malo  nostalgije na preteklo sezono, preden se začne zares.

Še highlightsi iz 24h Le Mans Division 1, kjer so v GTE klasi, Nitor Velox, ekipa za katero vozi naš  Alen Terzić, suvereno pometli s konkurenco in osvojenemu prvemu mestu v prvenstvu dodali še prestižno zmago v Le Mansu 👊

see you soon ;)

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Kako je s serverjem rf2, ki ste ga obljubljali kakšno leto nazaj?

Ps.: me malo matra spet rf2 fbb sprobati.

VEC pa super šibate in le pripopajte kak stream, da bomo malo navijali.

Uredil - mancSLO
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A si slpoh že sprobal tanov volan na rF2/AMS?

Naš server bo online enkrat do konec septembra. Mal smo leni letos hehe :)

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Reiza rFactor2 Bundle

The next step is on the road is the release of the Reiza rFactor 2 Bundle, an exciting prospect in its own right. Here are some more details we can now share about it.

Firstly, the content - these are cars and tracks that will make up the Bundle:

Metalmoro AJR
Metalmoro MR18
MCR Sports 2000
Formula Vee

Our goal when assembling content for the Bundle was to put together a pack that was at once interesting, complementary and fit in well together along with exiting rF2 content. Obviously the fact this is a 3rd party for another sim means it has to inhabit the design of that product, for that reason you won´t be seeing any of our semi-fictional cars on the Bundle, as Studio397 has been focusing on delivering officially licensed content for rFactor 2.

Since there are 50 venues and over 30 series to pick from in Automobilista it would not be surprising for some of you not to find your personal favorite in this package, moving forward though anything is possible - if the Bundle is well received it could be expanded or a new one put together, possibly even including bigger and / or brand new content.

Pricing is not 100% finalized but you may expect it to be close to standards of other rFactor 2 DLCs with items being sold individually and the full bundle at a special discount. We are pushing to release all items together before the end of September.

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Latest Build Update rFactor 2 - 1.1111 Now Available!

Steam Build IDs
client: 3118567
dedi: 3118570
demo: 3118587

Note: Server Admins must update all dedicated servers.

- Added full support for auto-shift as a parameter in the UI garage setup screen (McLaren MP4/8)
- Demo has been updated to the current build and now includes the McLaren MP4/8.

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McLaren Historical Racecars Release

Don´t just admire Icons – become one!

The motorsport world is full of heroic stories, iconic cars and unbelievable moments of success. Many of these tales include McLaren. How many times do we as simracers dream about the golden age of motorsport and wish we could have driven in that era. All the myths around specific cars and the strong characters that drove them fuel our ambition to create our own legendary moments, either on virtual or real tracks.

What would you have done if it was you sitting in the racecar back then? Would it be a story of success or are those beasts too much for you to tame? You can find that out for yourself now and create your own legend of the past – we´re proud to bring you 3 iconic McLaren racecars to give you the most authentic way of diving back into those memories that started the fire and enthusiasm for motorsport that so many of us have.

Anyway, despite me trying to throw out lyrical masterpieces and dreaming about the next Poetry slam, here is the most important part of this release: The cars are free!

Enough celebration for now, concentrate on reading!

McLaren M23 – there can only be one first world championship



When McLaren introduces the M23 to the world in 1973 with first test drives, they knew already that they had created something special. Feedback from the first laps had been amazing, an easy to steer car with a great balance, thanks to nearly all the weight being close to the center, where also the tank was located. The introduction to the Formula 1 World Championship was marked as a complete success before even going into the cars first race, since McLaren managed to put their brand new M23 right on Pole Position.

But it took another year before the British powerhouse was able to lift their first World Championship trophy, making sure that the M23 remained in the hearts of motorsport lovers for years to come while also paving the way for McLaren to become the iconic racing team they are nowadays. 16 Wins were scored with the M23 overall resulting in 2 World Championships, creating the legend of one of the most successful cars in history.

McLaren MP4/8 – a true fighter

710 PS were squeezed out of the 3.5 V8 Cosworth engine to propel this McLaren into the fights which would have went viral, if Facebook and YouTube would have been a thing back in 1993. McLaren went onto full attack with the MP4/8, trying to grab another world championship to add to their trophy room. While the car featured innovative technology and an advanced chassis, the team was being led down by engine in the end, which didn´t offer as much performance as their competition was able to produce. Nevertheless this car put up a fight for the championship, especially since it featured automatic programmable gearbox, traction control and a host of other options, leaving the driver with more resources to concentrate solely on fighting for the top spots.

At the end of the season, 5 wins across wasn´t quite enough to crown this masterpiece of a car with a title, leaving McLaren with a second place in the driver and constructors championship, despite incredible drives, such as, the legendary drive By Ayrton Senna in the wet at Donington. But even if YouTube was not even invented back then, video clips of fights of this cars are still among the top hits. Step inside the monocoque and go back in time to bring home the trophy the MP4/8 deserves!


Special Features:

The McLaren MP4/8 featured an innovative shifting option with automatic upshift and downshift. As we brought this feature into rFactor2, you can program your upshift with specific RPM for each gear, giving you full control of this feature. Of course you can also turn this feature off instead.




McLaren MP4/13 improve, dominate

Even if Mika Häkkinen had his debut for the McLaren Formula 1 Team on the MP4/8, it was this version in 1998 that lifted him up among the greatest. Designed by Adrian Newey, the new Mp4/13 was a perfect fit to the new ruleset and the grooved tyres. Efficient aerodynamics teamed up with the most powerfull engine (780bhp) on the grid, the car immediately dominated the series and turned the first race into a pure McLaren showcase. Every single competitor got lapped at least once during the Astralian Grand Prix, just a sign of what was to come for the rest of the season.

The MP4/13 was able to reach speeds up to 353 km/h and managed to win 9 GPs that season, with Häkkinen lifting the thophy 8 times out of those 9. Eventually it ended up with McLaren securing the constructors championship and the flying Finn to grab the drivers title, bringing back McLaren to the top of the series once again since the 1991 title.




Kdor nima igre rFactor 2, lahko vseeno preizkusi McLaren MP4/8, ki je dodan brezplačni demo verziji - rFactor 2 Demo


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