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Assetto Corsa

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Da bo konkurenca dirkaških iger v letu 2012 še večja, bo poskrbel Kunos Simulazioni (nKPro), ki je danes najavil novo simulacijo: Asseto Corsa.

Simulacijo bo poganjal novi pogon (DirectX11), proge bodo lasersko skenirane, izboljšana bo fizika, lažje (za uporabnike) pa naj bi bilo tudi dodajanje novih vsebin (novi avti ter proge).



Rome, 23rd December 2011 - Kunos Simulazioni is pleased to announce the development of a new racing game for Windows PC. The release is expected within 2012, with the title of “Assetto Corsa”.

General info

Title: Assetto Corsa ®

Developer: Kunos Simulazioni

Publisher: Kunos Simulazioni

Distribution: Digital delivery

Official website:

Format/Platform: PC Windows Vista/7 32/64

Genre: Racing simulation

Release date: 2012


"Assetto Corsa" is an Italian term, meaning "race prepared", which echoes the passion of every racer in their quest for pure automotive performance. Therefore, it's an appropriate title for this racing simulation for the Windows PC dedicated to motorsport and the automotive world. This simulation game is set to include several kinds of vehicles: Road cars, GT cars, LMP prototypes, track-day cars, as well as modern and historic single seaters.

Version 1.0 will feature several tracks, including some of the most famous locations in motorsport. These tracks have been reproduced using laser scanning technology, which maps every bump and characteristic of the track. This allows the software to realistically reproduce the behaviour of the car when pushed it to its limits.

Assetto Corsa is the first video game that will use the new "AC Engine" developed by Kunos Simulazioni: the AC engine is a new software technology based on Microsoft DirectX11, designed on the basis of the know-how accumulated by the development team, that thanks to the recent experience with Ferrari, has worked as close as you can get with the highest profiles of motorsport and is now developing a software platform capable of meeting the needs of racing enthusiasts, videogame players, professional real and virtual racers.

The concept for "Assetto Corsa" was born in 2008, and developed in parallel with the team's more public projects. The new technology was never intended to be an evolution of the netKar PRO line, but more like a completely new approach to simulation software, based on the lessons learned in ten years of activity in this field.

In addition, the positive reviews gathered by Netkar PRO and Ferrari Virtual Academy have provided the informations needed to create a new racing game that will meet the expectations of the community and sim.racers: real cars, real tracks, various game modes, a complete and satisfying single player experience, with the chance to customize the game with cars, circuits and contents made by the community itself.

Assetto Corsa - Main features

-DirectX 11 graphics engine

-Advanced physics model

-Accurate car dynamic modeling

-Innovative artificial intellicence algorithms

-Multiplayer races over the Internet

-Fully customizable graphical user interface

-Immersive 3D sounds

-Official licensed cars (single seaters, Production, GT, GTR, historic F1 and GT cars, prototypes, and so on )

-Official licensed tracks modeled using Laserscan technology (modern, historic, closed tracks, open courses)

-Extensive support for user created mods


Assetto Corsa is a new PC-based racing game for Windows, expected to be released in 2012. Assetto Corsa is being designed to provide a very realistic driving experience, with single player and multiplayer options, officially licensed cars and tracks developed using Laser scan technology, and the highest level of accuracy possible in reproducing real world motor racing environments. Also, Assetto Corsa will allow for considerable customisation and modification, in order to satisfy the expectations of professional simracers, gamers who prefer to approach the driving experience more progressively, and hobbyists who just like to collect lots of cars and tracks.


Assetto Corsa takes advantage of the experience acquired by the Kunos Simulazioni team with the development of netKar PRO and FerrariVirtual Academy, both titles being notable as two of the best in the genre for their advanced physics model and vehicle dynamics. Our R&D office, located just inside the international racing circuit of Vallelunga, allows the team to develop the game with the cooperation of real world racing drivers and racing teams. The Assetto Corsa physics engine has been designed and coded from the ground up, using practical knowledge acquired from working closely with the elite of motorsport in order to engineer the best possible accuracy of physics and tactility of feeling. A physics engine like this begs to be used with officially licensed content: As such, Assetto Corsa will include renditions of international circuits, global car brands, racing prototypes, historic cars, single seaters and some of the most iconic cars ever built, providing a complete, and exciting,racing experience!


Every day simracing enthusiasts write to us asking for us to add support for modding and customisation to our products. We recognize that in the simracing community there are a lot of talented people able to recreate cars and tracks with accuracy and passion, often to a better standard than commercial products. As such, we have decided to design Assetto Corsa as a modular simulation system that allows players to express themselves at their best by creating the mods they desire. Therefore, within Assetto Corsa the interface, overlays and the core software are designed to be fully customizable allowing additional mods made by the simracing community to enhance the simulation, allowing it to thrive. Can't find your favourite car or track? With Assetto Corsa, you will be able to make it yourself! Also, Assetto Corsa will include several racing, practice, and competition options in order to satisfy any need for fun and entertainment.








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Če bo tole vse to kar obljublja, potem bo zelo velika konkurenca rF2 in GTR3 - če ju ne bo celo prekašal -> iRacing pazi se :) Upam, da je bil nKPRO zaradi te simulacije malce zapostavljen in da se bojo ACju resnično posvetil.

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Če bo fizika dobra kot obljubljena, bo top top šit, plus tega da se bodo releasa držali hehe [ok]

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Fizika je že THE BEST pri nkproju, tako da bo to le nadgranja,kar pomen the best na quadrat [it]

Sam jast to simulacijo pričakujem bolj z zadržanimi občutki. [fbi]:oops: Naj malč "kopirajo" neke zadeve od simbima, oziroma zadost, da od gtr2 poberejo ta odličen filing dirkanja offline,pa tud online.

Je trba pri nkproju kar dost "zamižat" na pomankjlivosti, oziroma površnosti same strukture špila, ki pa jih ob odličnem FF VOLANA :shock: ,vsaj jst,kar hitro pozabim(skoraj :oops: )!


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Na koncu bo še tole prej ven kot rfactor 2 :lol: Drugače pa zgleda bomba [smoke]

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CARS, rf2, gtr3, tole... 2012 bo zgleda res konc sveta za nas :D

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Dobro za videt , bomo videli ko bo zunaj [ok]

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Fiat 500 Abarth [wub]

Je na voljo v netkar in je res lušten za vozit in uživat [dance]

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Nardijo en teaser in vsi hvalijo in res dobr zgleda, rF2 nardijo par slik in teaserjev, neki jih celo 2x uporabijo v 2-letnih zamikih, in mislim da je tole zmagal za zdele :)

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Opa lasersko skenirana proga! To bom pa jst tud mel!

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Tole naj bi bla osnova za Asseto. Nisem pa čist siguren.

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Kunos Simulazioni is pleased to announce the KTM X-BOW R as official licensed content for his new racing game “Assetto Corsa”.


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kdaj je kao release? Soon? al je že datum? hehe

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