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Assetto Corsa Competizione

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Po dolgem okrevanju od prometne nesreče se počasi vračam za virtualni volan . Pa me zanima če se tudi vam zdi da v ACC avto prehitro zgubi zadek ko popustiš plin  ? Sučem se po celi stezi tkoj ko spustim gas . Možno da je napaka v meni samo se mi vse skupaj zdi smešno in furstrirajoče . AI je sicer ok  Precej hiter in agresiven tudi na nižjih nastavitvah . Jaz pa popolnoma nekonstanten in prestrašen , kdaj se bom ponovno zavrtel "brez pravega razloga" . Sploh ni več zabavno . 

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Da se tudi med top 100 pridt Sam sem prepričan, da do konca tekmovanja tole ne bo dovolj dober cajt za top100

No pa sem jo nabavil in odpeljal kar lepo število krogov, online in ofline dirk. Meh občutki so prisotni po odvoženih nekaj dirkah. Ob najboljši možni meri sem iskal nekaj več, kar je do sedaj po

No še kako mojo slikico za pogledat :)

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Ja, mam tut jaz tak občutek, spustiš gas pa je konec. Opazam pa da zadni update celo malo čutim kaj se dogaja z avtom, čeprav še vedno vse zelo medlo... Ne vem če bomo kdaj uporabljali ACC za kakšno prvenstvo, kaj pa vem... prihaja pa z novo verzijo kar nekaj novih avtov in upajmo da tudi kak handling update.  Pa srečno ukrevanje še naprej! 

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The 1st ADRIA GT CUP is over.
It is the one to remember. The results confirm that it was full of close racing. Top 3 in 5 points, only 2 between glory and grief...
The glory and bragging rights of becoming 1ST ADRIA GT CHAMPION goes to SEBASTJAN LAJKOVIČ, MARJAN KODERMAN can sure be disappointed of losing the title in the last round. But TIM NOVAK is surely happy to secure the bronze with superb comeback from a hard start of his campaign.

Oh... did we mention that there was a tie for 3rd??!! MATIC BEZJAK scored same amount of points but Tim won 2 races but Matic won only one.
Oh yea...that means top 4 were in 5 points ;)

Lower in the field was also really exciting, if not even more.
There was a tie in points for 8th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 19th, and 26th position. You could say it was tight :D

Only 3 drivers out of 30 failed to score a single point. So well done to all!
You know what's the best thing? All races were broadcasted live. So if you missed it...hop on our Twitch channel and give us a like and make sure you SUBSCRIBE so you don't have to watch replays next time we go live 😜 Oh and one more thing. You almost can't say you don't understand our commentators. We have it in 2 languages.
and English:

Enjoy watching back, but most importantly, join us when we come back after the summer break. No matter in what role, as a spectator, or even as a driver.
Last, but not least.... team Championship...
LUX LIVERIES DIZEL RACING in a McLaren took the biggest trophy to their headquarters, BAD PISTOSN with its Nissans took 2nd, only 2 points from Aston Martins of KROKAR RACING TEAM.

Also, here, only one team failed to score any point. So well done to all Team Managers!

STAGE ONE CREW would like to say a HUGE THANKS to all of the drivers who took part. Big majority attend all races, all pre-race driver briefings. So, a big pat on a back. We really hope this is just a beginning and you will help us write another racing story. Without you, the drivers, there is no racing. See you soon.

Spectators, hope you enjoined it, THANKS for your support, any like or subscription or share.

Have a nice and most of all SAFE vacation.

Lux Peklaj

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