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Ja glede užitka se strinjam, samo vseeno moram porihtati FFB, ker me moti tisti občutek nevednosti   Za pomoč pri setupih:  

Murn translate: Naliv je res hud. Se kar ustavim in debelo gledam. PC za 1,2k€ je podn proti 180€ vrednemu PS4.

Tole je sicer malce offtopic... ampak, ko smo lih pri fiziki - bodite veseli, da ni tole portal slo-skating.com

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Pred 4 urami , silicijeva dolina je napisal:

Ko vidim te švasane ruske črke malce podvomim v verodostojnost :D  

Sej maš zgoraj desno, da si spremeniš v angleščino, drugače pa edino kar ta stran dela je to da uporablja steam API da te poveže na server. Meni je všeč, ker dela in izgleda boljše kot tista polomija v igri sami.

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Project CARS - PC Patch 10.1 - Oculus Rift VR support on the Steam platform

Project CARS is now fully playable in all aspects when using the Oculus Rift VR headset. There has been a large amount of additional work done to support this, and a lot of optimization done to enable the game engine to run smooth enough when in VR mode. Here is a quick breakdown, as a very brief summary of some of the more visible changes since the last Steam VR update:

* Oculus VR SDK 1.3 support
* World shadows are now fully working - Off by default, enable under Options>Visuals>Performance
* Cloud shadows will now be disabled when Shadow Detail is set to OFF
* Fixed replay cameras so that the player has full rotational control during replays, fixed all replay cameras' near clip plane so that the player's view doesn't cut into the nearby objects
* Fixed front-end 'My Garage' cameras to work properly in VR
* Reworked all cameras so that VR orientation/positional tracking always works naturally. This fixes amongst others...
- look-back cameras being inverted
- issues with Front-end cameras
- photo mode
* In-race VR options - Added a 'World Scaling' setting that allows for fine control to scale the world to exactly match the player's expectation
* In-race VR options - Added seat position adjustment
* Removed vignette menu frame from replay screen. Now only displays the replay controls panel
* VR options - Camera Near Clip Plane - Allows the player to control how close to objects the camera will start clipping
* VR options - World movement, G-Force Effect - allows player to set specific values for VR mode
* Detached Starting lights and Messages from movable HUD so that they always appear toward the front of the car
* Changed desktop mirrored view show a single undistorted view with default settings windowed, 1280x720
* Added ability to toggle btween headset and PC speaker audio in the VR options menu, default is headset
* Recenter view position automatically on initial game start
* ...and a few other bits that are now working correctly in VR -
. crepuscular rays 
. screen dirt 
. camera/visor rain drops 
. postprocessing filters
. tonemapping and bloom
. 3D grass
. particles 
. clouds

A final note - our focus has been on providing a polished end-user experience when using the final Oculus Rift 'CV1' HMD. Although the 'DK2' HMD should still work, The hardware has significantly improved. We therefor cannot guarantee the same quality of experience when using the 'DK2' unit, as some of these features may not work as well as they do on the 'CV1'.


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Project CARS PC Patch 11.0 Release Notes - HTC Vive support is here

Hi all,

The next Project CARS patch is now live on Steam. This one brings a host of Virtual Reality improvements, and features full HTC Vive support. We support SteamVR's room customization option when using the HTC Vive, so whenever you're in the game menus, you'll see the SteamVR room in the background. This allows you to customize the look of the 3D space surrounding the menus via the SteamVR Workshop. We're looking forward to seeing all the creative Project CARS themed custom backgrounds that our fans come up with. smile.png

We've also implemented the often-requested VR mouse support, Gaze control support, and the ability to seamlessly swap between them and use them along with Custom Controller and Gamepads.

Due to the extent of the Virtual Reality updates, we strongly recommend that you delete the configuration files that store the various settings. These are found in "\Users\<username>\Documents\Project CARS" and are the files with XML extension. 

Project CARS - PC Patch 11.0

Virtual Reality
* HTC Vive support
* Gaze control implemented, providing hands-free interaction with the User Interface 
* Mouse pointer control in HMD view implemented
* Photo mode is now fully functional
* Depth of Field effects now work correctly 
* The game will now retain controller focus when the player removes the HMD
* Improved rendering system for Crepuscular rays and Sun flares 
* Improved rendering of dirt and rain drops on Helmet visor
* Improved the default seat position 
* Improved the default HUD position
* Improved default camera settings to prevent the car tilting independently from the player at steep inclines
* Fixed a refresh issue on the UI when returning from a race to the main menu

* Nürburgring Combined 
- Fixed an issue where a pit stop operation would fail to initiate correctly, leaving the car stuck in the pits
- Fixed the starting lights not working
- Fixed an issue with the pit-in trigger potentially initiating when the player is on the main straight
* Improved system for Opponent Labels
* Added support for the Thrustmaster TMX ForceFeedback wheel
* Fixed an issue with Fanatec wheels where at times it would cause dropped frames at the start of a race
* Fixed an issue with Fanatec wheels where LEDs and pedal rumble motors failed to work after a disconnect/reconnect
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Lepota mamina...........čudovit filing vozit,ko se ti tako spreminja vreme ob sončnem zahodu,ko v megli se prižgejo luči v mestu,ko ti sonce blešči v oči,ko...............

In presenetljivo se normalno  čuti filing z volanom (mal sem štimal)in mi da glih tisto malo podatkov,ki jih rabim za vr...(ni to glih assetto corsa)ma filing je.


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Ne ne dela,,,oz,se nism pa nič pozanimal po netu,zakaj,morda je kje skrito v nastavitvah za vr.ker tam ko spreminjaš pogled  ni.

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