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Automobilista 2

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Za tiste, ki ne znate portugalsko, so priloženi angleški podnapisi. What a cool guy :D



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Reiza June development update


Prvi gameplay video (pre-alpha)

pre-order link --> AMS2 Early Backing Campaign

Backing options:

  • US$ 119.99 for new members
  • US$ 99.99 for users that already own AMS + All DLCs
  • US$ 89.99 for Reiza Members and Simracing Bonanza backers of level3 or below
  • US$ 79.99 for Simracing Bonanza backers of level 4
  • Exempt of extra charge for Simracing Bonanza backers of Level 5 and above

What it earns:

  • Automobilista 2 base game (estimated @ US$ 39.99 on release)
  • Automobilista 2 Season Pass * (estimated @ US$ 99.99 on release for first 2 years of free DLCs)
  • AMS 1 + Season Pass for all DLCs (which user can send to a friend in case he already own it).
  • Reiza 51 access & voting rights in development polls
  • Automobilista 2 Beta access ** (estimate to begin mid-november)
  • Backer Badge in User Profile
  • Early access to car templates / chance to include skin and author´s name as its driver

*AMS2 DLC roadmap for 1st 2 years so far includes:

  • Expansion Pack 1 (cars & tracks, TBA)
  • Expansion Pack 2 (cars & tracks TBA)
  • Expansion Pack 3 (DIRT PACK)
  • Legendary Race Tracks Part 1-5

With more items expected to be added.

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Skoda da je izid ze prestavlen na marca ... no ali pa tok bolše, da bo vse kot je treba.. upam pa da je to edinokrat prestavljen izid :)

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Ja, zdej k smo Reiza backerji naloadal njihov TRR, so kupl Jerez in zdej ga bojo nardil, usput bojo pa še poliral. Pa itak je že čas, da končno pride ven en špil, k bo kolkrtolk brez bugov. Fingers crossed :D

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